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HR Predictive Analytics

Applying a predictive model in HR teams has astonishing results on the company’s dollars. Analytics in HR enables greater and quicker decision making with the use of HR metrics. As mentioned earlier, it is on a groundbreaking level; HR predictive analysis can optimize its impact both on employees and customers, along with the overall business.


HR predictive analytics gives additional leverage to HR leaders by analyzing the existing data, previous experiences, and provide them with insights on future outcomes. It also helps them in preparing for what’s to come.


Predictive Analysis is Optimizing and Enhancing HR Strategies in one too many ways:


  • Eliminate Problems that Come with Turnover
  • Improve and Fasten the Hiring Process
  • Redesign Retention Strategies
  • Minimize Risk and Forecast Better to Stay Prepared

Why Employee Retention is So Important?

Why Employee Retention is So Important for any Organization?


Employee retention has been a focus of HR for a long time, probably for as long as there has been HR. It’s evident that retaining employees is good, but the full impact of retention is often not recognized. So, why is employee retention so important, especially now?


1. Turnover is expensive
2. Veteran Employees Add Value
3. Bad Hires Hurt Morale
4. Your Competitors Benefit Directly!


People Analytics to The Rescue
Here is where People Analytics come to the rescue. We have a lot of people data in our HCM systems. We can use new technology to analyze this data and answer the tough questions.

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People Analytics Platform

With a 500+ KPI across 25 dashboards, get a head start with pre-defined industry standard people analytics.


Benefits of SplashHR people analytics -


  • Recruit best-fit employees
  • Get value quickly with predefined content 
  • Assess diversity & find hidden bias
  • Measure performance across the board
  • Determine your flight risk
  • Get the right solution for your needs


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10 Tips on How to Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Here I'm mentioning 10 best sales management tips to make your business successful -


1. Define your pipeline stages

2. Bring quality leads

3. Categorize your list

4. Have an eye on stalled leads

5. Clean up regularly

6. Sales pipeline analysis

7. Measure relevant pipeline metrics

8. Providing tailored content

9. Take control of your sales


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How to Manage your sales pipeline